Saturday, August 20, 2011

Scary-ness on the loop.

Hello. So i am typing this as quickly as i can because it is like 2 in the morning and i am tired from work and have to be to work EARLY tomorrow. Sooo would you like to read about the fun i've been having here at my home on Eaglewood Loop? Well here we go!

So last Friday my parents were out of town for the weekend and all was swell at my house. Well i had just worked a super long day at work and came home exhausted. When i walked inside i noted that everybody had gone to bed and the house was completely dark. Well i gingerly found my way to the basement (only tripping once!) and i walked down the stairs. The second i was down i flipped on the lights and what was RIGHT in front of my sight? OH YEAH. Somebody had left the basement door W I D E   O P E N. So i was freaked out. I went over and dead-bolted it and walked upstairs to eat. Once i got the courage to face the facts i realized that i had to sleep and i decided to be brave and just go down to bed. ALL ALONE. Well i was fine. And we didn't know who did it. But at least i'm safe!


When i arrived home from, yet, another verrrry long day at work i realized that my house was completely pitched black. (VERY unlike normal.) And when i puled into the driveway my garage door opener wouldn't open my bloody garage. I used my phone to call: (1) Mum (2) Daddy (3) The freaking home phone. And right as i hung up my phone died. I was all alone. So me, wondering if my family is being held hostage inside, goes and searches the outside of the entire house. No open doors or windows. So i go to the Kellers and call. Apparently my mum is at the Applegates and leaving. When she comes home, her and i call the power company on my Daddys iphone and request they fix our power. Well time goes by-about an hour. I used that time to tell my mom how i think we are part of a robbery scheme. Around 1:30 AM my mom hears a pounding on the door and comes down to get me for "saftey." She tells me about how she thinks the man at the door is in on the plan and is going to come inside and kill us. LOL. So before she can finish her sentence i go and answer the door. The friendly-non threatening/axe murderer tells me "someone has physically turned off your breakers outside, so you should get a lock for that thing." After he is done with his speech i turn around and my mom emerges from the dining room. She was preparing for an attack L-O-L-O-L-O-L. I told her everything that he had said and told her to calm down.


Now the more that i think about it. That is really creeping me out.
SOMEONE left the basement door WIDE open last Friday.
SOMEONE also physically went to the side of our house and turned off ourbrakers.

Have you ever heard the saying that things come in threes? Well next Friday is the third Friday. I'm not going to lie, i'm a bit nervous... But we'll see. AND if i wake up dead in the night just remember that i love you all. Good luck & i will keep you updated!


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