Thursday, September 29, 2011

the sense of SMELL

Alright you mighty fine blog readers.
Guess what happened to me last night at about 2:14 AM. 
Any guesses?
I woke up and i could SMELL!
For those of you reading who are like, well duh Chels you are an idiot God gave us noses so that we could smell. NOT TRUE. Ever since i got a bad cold my sophomore year of high school i haven't been able to smell. (I actually realized that i couldn't while i was on a date with Joe Dunleavy and we drove past the refineries and i COULDN'T SMELL.) 
Not going to lie to all ya'll. I was crying a bunch load last night over stupid things and stupid choices that i make. After about an hour of this pity party and ocean of tears and blowing my inner snot out of my nose (graphic.. sorry) i resigned to my bed where i fell peacefully asleep like i piggy in a blanket. 
I have a hard time getting restful sleep and around 2:14 is when i woke up, was staring at my ceiling when BAM. I could smell my pillow. 
(Lucky for me it smelled clean and nice!) 
At first i just closed my eyes and didn't think anything of it. 
But then i was like Holy Hanna i can smell!!!
And i texted my mommy, smelled all of my perfumes and my deodorant (been dying to know what they smelled like) and i fell back asleep. 

I am so happy right now. While at first i thought of all the things that i missed out smelling and i was really depressed for awhile, I know that i am a blessed person! So what if i missed out on joyous things before?? There will be even better things to come. 
I'd like to thank God for giving me a nose to smell all the goodness on this earth. I'm so excited to take my new nose for a spin and smell new things! 

PS i don't really know what this picture below is saying but i reads that "real girls have noses" so i thought it tied in quite nicely. 

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