Monday, September 19, 2011


So as it is well known by now that i work at Winegars in Bountiful, i thought i might just share some tips that may help your shopping experience along the way. I just see so many things and i think: dang! I hope people know about that.

Tip One: Don't buy the chicken that is heated at the front of the store. It is NOT baked fresh daily.. and often times, not even every other day. They just refrigerate what wasn't bought at night and put it back out the next day.

Tip Two: Always buy products from the back/bottom of a rack. We put the oldest products up front/ on top, that way people will buy them first. 

 Tip Three: Come after eight to buy donuts, i mean, sure they aren't super fresh, and that's why they are on sale, but you can get them for like 30 cents! Yum! 

Tip Four: Always read the expiration dates, and on snack foods if there is an expiration date that is pretty recent and you show it to the cashier you may be able to ask for a price cut. (And on things like cookies & crackers it doesn't really matter too much!)

Tip Five: Ask for our coupons before you shop! Alot of the time we have good deals on everyday items!

So here are some smart shoppers tips. Best of luck to you all! Happy shopping!

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