Wednesday, October 5, 2011

gettin' the spooks

I really hate haunted houses. I love scary movies & such, but haunted houses is just a little too much for me to handle, so when this time of year comes around i always recommit to myself that i will not pain myself into going to a haunted house.

But then the friends come in.
And they tell me how much fun they can be.

Or a cute boy wants to go on a date to one. 
And i know that if i go, i'll get to spend the whole time clinging to him.

So by the end of the Halloween season, yes i have at least visited one haunted house.
This has been the case in years past, and i just have a feeling it will be the case this year.

But hey, i'mma ready to get my spook on! 
Bring it on crazy creepy haunted houses, Chels is ready for a scary good time!

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