Monday, October 3, 2011

my vaca to... nowhere

My family is the greatest. 
Seriously love them. But you know, they are so annoying. 
This last weekend they all went up to Bear Lake. Yes. THEY all went up.
And i was left at home because i have a pretty crappy minimum wage job that doesn't ever grant me vacation time. I haven't been on ANY trips this summer and i have only asked for 4 days off from work. I have showed up (happy, i should add) EVERY single day i was scheduled, and they still are trying to push me out. 


So i had to to stay home so that i could work. And yeah, it was fine because i got to go to Lagoon with Deanne Cooper, her boyfriend, and Channing Elggren, on Friday night. I had a great time. And i ate like a pig. (Seriously ate 2 donuts in one day!!) But whenever i bring up the fact that they went on vacation without me all they say is "Well Chels, you were invited!" And they give me this like longing face that doesn't help the situation!
Well no duh Daddy and Mum. I KNOW i was invited! I just want to whine a little about how i couldn't go. So sue me. 
I'm really self centered alot, and this is just one of those things. 
Oh well.
I had fun.
Went on a couple dates, chowed down on junk food, made some mulah, and stayed up late doing fun things. 
So HA!

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