Tuesday, October 18, 2011

what to say!

Oh boy. What to blog about?? I feel like i am in the middle of a desert. My mind is so dry of creativity.

I could talk about the weather. 
But i live in Utah. 
So it's always different.

I could talk about school.
But i am not currently in school.

I could talk about my family.
But i never do anything with them.
(Although today i did play 'Life' with Eth. Very fun.)

I could talk about drama.
But LUCKILY there is none.

I suppose i could whine about work.
But i always do that.
Ps: got promoted at Lagoon... cool, right!?

I went to Costco today with my mommy.
And while i was going crazy doing donuts with my shopping cart, they were watching me. And when i started to ride on the back, tearing through the aisles, they asked me to stop or leave.
Fun stealers.

Today i also made some cupcakes. 
I'm pretty much obsessed.. 
If you want cupcakes, PLEASE let me know. It relieves my stress. 

But there is a good thing to write about! 
I feel so stress free.
I feel so content.
I feel so nice.
While i feel like this fog has been covering up my life for the past 2 years, for the first time, i feel amazing. And i feel like the clouds have been lifted away. 
It's probably because i go to the temple as often as i can. 
And the people in my life don't make me explode.

Exploding is never good.

The only thing i could do better at is teaching myself how to go to sleep earlier. 
I mean look at the time stamp! THAT'S CRAZY BREAD!

A great random song to cheer you up:

I love you all. I pray for all you to be safe & happy. 

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