Sunday, November 27, 2011

dead & gone

I was never the girl that obsessed about having perfect hair. 
As long as it was healthy & clean i was totally content. 
And it actually wasn't until my junior year of high school that i bought *her.* 
This is my first straightening iron EVER.
And today...
She left me.
It was very sudden & came without warning.
I treated her with such care, but while curling my hair with her today i realized she was losing heat.
When i saw that she was still "on" i started to panic. I ran to every nearby plug trying to get her to heat up again. 

To no avail.

She was dead to me.

So this is new to me! I don't know what steps to take next! 
I purchased this last one for under $25 and don't think i am going to find another excellent one for a price like that.

If you have ANY suggestions PLEASE let me know!
I will reward you with my beautiful curled locks, and you won't have to shudder at my horrific hair. 

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