Tuesday, November 15, 2011

those good days

You know those days that you have, when everything is so happy & goes smoothly. 

Today was one of those days.

I woke up on time and actually ate breakfast.
Then i did a full workout, running 3.5 miles plus ab AND butt work! And i wanted to keep going! 
...i attribute it totally to my blaring loud Britney Spears....

Then i got all ready, and while i didn't look the greatest, who really cares? Looks are overrated anyways. 

Work happened, and boy did i enjoy every bit of it! 
The best thing that happened was that the totally freaking cutest boy in the world *Erron Bartleson* went through my line!! 
It's so amazing when people i know go through my line. It makes me feel like i have a purpose there. Come to think of it, people probably hate coming through my line if they know me, because i take so dang long ringing them up...but whatever, they can deal or go through a different, more boring line.

So yes anyways, Erron went through and gave the Diet Coke he had just bought to me! How thoughtful is that? I wish i thought like that! 
And while yeah, i should probably hate people who give me Diet Coke because it will be the death of me, i just can't help but love it. So kind. 

So yeah, after that giddy part, then i had fun drawing pictures and giving them to people. I also enjoyed my nightly "store floor dancing" routine. --It happens every night-- Which i will add: did include my first perfect triple fouette turn. (Never been able to master it on that slick grocery floor.)

Oh and i found a new weird smell that i love.
Cascade dishwashing powder. Mmmm. That's good stuff.

And nobody came through my line with WIC. Woohoo!

Then i came home and ate some cheese. And some peas. Hehehe i'm a poet!

Today was chill. 
The end.

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