Saturday, December 10, 2011

thoughts of my mind

Today i realized that i have so many randoms thoughts just floating around in my mind... So i thought i would just type them up, just to see if any of you relate. 

Why can't my Shampoo & Conditioner run out at the same time?

Why doesn't McDonalds sell hot dogs?

Why can't i text 911? If i am hiding from a serial killer i don't want to have to talk!

Why does every social network use the color blue?

Why do i feel comfortable texting things that i would never say to someones face?

How does paper beat rock?

I've never understood how a girl in her bra & underwear isn't appropriate while bikini's are perfectly acceptable.

When five year olds have phones... Who are you going to call? Barney?

If i was super rich i would totally turn the worlds oceans into kool aid. 

Why isn't there a mouse flavored cat food?

I just realized this week that the reason my room never gets cleaned is because i turn on my music and it automatically turns into a dance party for one.

I always wonder how graffiti gets in certain places, like on bridges & billboards...

Why is wet hair darker if water is colorless?

Who invented the hugging? That first hug must have been incredibly awkward, right?

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