Saturday, January 21, 2012

loving the good life

It's days like today that i just have to grin.
Sometimes things don't go well, but when they do... Oh boy oh boy am i happy to be alive.

First of all, i woke up on time today. {Like before 10...It's a Saturday! Give me a break.} AND: feeling refreshed.
 If you know me, you know that this is not possible. I like my snooze time. So snaps for me!

Second of all, i had a pretty good hair day!
{I only count it a good hair day when 5+ people tell me so, which happened, hip hip hooray!}

Then i found out that one of my best friends is moving back home from Australia! Although we don't talk much anymore, i am VERY excited for this to happen.

And, well, to top it all off i'm positive that i know the sweetest boy in the world.
He is so selfless! Like i'm pretty sure he never thinks of himself. And it ALWAYS amazes me. And yes, the master of wonderful-amazingness-bliss has struck again! 
Making me feel special inside, and filling me with confidence in spots that definitely need it.
Leaving me wondering if he's real or just a dream.
{I am well aware that he is reading this. And i do apologize to you, Erron, for the slight level of cheesy-ness. You can make fun of me later!}

And best of all i have a testimony of my Savior. I know that he loves me, and i know that he just wants me to be happy, and works his hardest when i call upon him to help me choose the right.

So tonight i go to sleep with a smile. 
{Like pretty much every other night, since i love going to sleep...} 
BUT this smile has a deeper reason behind it.

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