Sunday, February 26, 2012

cheers to the freaking weekend

I'd give my weekend a grand total of 5 stars.
Friday I was fortunate enough to go up to my old stomping ground of Utah State in Logan, and was in attendance at the last home bball game of the season.
Oh, who won??? HA! The Aggies ya big dummy!
Super dee duper dee fun!
I swear part of my heart is still living up there...While pretty much every bone in my body hates the place, it's complicated. (:

Saturday I had the opportunity of attending my cousin Connor's baptism down in Saratoga Springs! It's great to be eight! 
I love being with family and was very happy to be in among such lovely relatives for a grand, happy, spiritual, event such as this!

And today (Sunday) I got to spend the entire day with my cutie pie. His cousin Richard gave his mission homecoming talk, and I was lucky to be invited! 
There MAY have been a possibility that I MIGHT have fallen back asleep and missed Erron's knocking on the door & relentless phone calls, thus making us late... {Sorry kiddo!} 
But luckily I've found a patient boy with a patient family who all seem to put up with me!
Loved this event and meeting all of E's cute fam-fam, excellent company, fabulous fun, and wonderful food (;

Oh I just love my life! 

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