Thursday, February 9, 2012

fast food

Is the BEST fast food EVER.
And stupid Utah, doesn't have a single one. 
They used to have one on Center Street in Bountiful, and then, when I was about 12 they picked up and walked out of my life for good.
Ever since that moment I have dreamt {is that a word?} of winning them back. Whenever I go out of state that is the first place I head for, they're so dang yummy!!
And that should be my life goal. To buy the franchise to Boston Market.
How I can achieve this?
Study hard -> Get a good job at a big company -> Own that company -> Buy BM -> Eat Mac & Cheese & potatoes & chicken all the day long until i'm as fat at the full moon.    

Or I can just move out of Utah. 
Either or.

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