Sunday, June 3, 2012

la la how the life goes on

As you may be able to notice,
I do actually have a life now!
I used to have no friends and nowhere to go and no job to do, and so I would lazily waste my days away on blogger & pinterest. {And yes, you too fbook.}
But now I'm pretty much never on here!
It's because as of this last week I finished working full-time!
Now I have to state, I still work full-time. But it's like faux full-time.
I'm used to waking up at dawn, going to nanny, then moving on to ballet, or babysitting, and then move on to the dry cleaners. {Oh BTW I work at a dry cleaners now!}
But now that nannying, babysitting AND ballet has stopped, I only work 8-3 everyday.
And I love it!
Summer baby!!!
Guess who comes back this upcoming Thursday!?
Grandma & Grandpa! 
Isn't that so super exciting!? They've been serving a mission in Birmingham, England, But they are finally coming back to my loving arms. YAY!
Well. Bed-E-Bye time for me! 
Sleep tight.

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