Saturday, September 22, 2012

Today is Saturday!

So my week has been great. Just making wedding plans and such. 
School has also been great, I've just gotten really distracted with marriage thingy-ma-jigs. But it is coming along smoothly, and will be better once I am actually married! {THURSDAY!}
The apartment has been coming along. It is still VERY barren, but it will get there. I am especially excited to start making cute crafty things!
The biggest stress in this whole ordeal is moving out. Yes, physically it is really annoying. But more emotionally. If I am sad about anything connected to marrying Erron {which I'm not!} I would have to say that I am really sad that I have to leave my family. The fact of me never being their single daughter again is kind of sad. I'll never come home again to my spot in the garage. I will never get to find comfort in laying in my bed in the basement. I will never thrash my bedroom and have my mom get upset at me because I'm too busy {and lazy} to clean it up. I'll never be able to just walk up stairs to my brothers room to play a game with them or watch Disney Channel while Mom & Dad are out on a date.
So, that part is sad.
BUT the rest is SO HAPPY!
And today I am so excited because shortly I will be leaving for the temple!
Yes, this day has come. 
I've been waiting my whole life for the day when I get to enter the temple. And even more so, when I get to be sealed to my spouse. But, I will be patient because that day is not here just yet. {THURSDAY!}
I am very excited to enter the Lord's house today, and I am very proud of myself for getting to this point in my life. There were so many roads open that I could have taken throughout my journey {some good, some bad} but with the help of my Heavenly Father and Savior, my family and close friends, and with the help of Erron over this last year, I have made it to this day.
I'm totally happy.

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