Monday, June 10, 2013


Yeah I never work out. Lets just get that out of the way.
So when people ask me to do things for work, things that require energy and muscle power and work, I sorta die.
Sorta completely.
So when I was asked to pick up files from the courthouse today I wanted to run away to somewhere tropical and never return. {Actually I always want to do that, so nothing new was goin' on.} 
BUT I stuck with it like a champ. And it had the most miserable experience of my life. {YEP. White gurl problems.}
Picture this:
A skinny white chick, awkwardly trying to balance box after {heavy} box on this little tiny training cart they provided. Basically {once I had acquired the boxes} I made it down the hall, to the elevator, out the elevator and to the exit without {major} problemos. And then it happened. All the boxes turned on me. It was like I was in the middle of a wrestling fight. AND I'M NOT A WRESTLER.
So awkwardly here I am in the middle of the courthouse lobby with boxes flying everywhere and people looking at me like a kook. {SIDENOTE: If you see someone struggling, OFFER YOUR HELP! And to those to people watching me die: F you.} FINALLY {after weeks} this super-dee-duper nice security officer comes over to help me. And I get all the crap  very important legal documents into my car. {YAY!}

Getting it into my office building was another story, but I assume you can use your imagination to picture what happened there. THANKS PEOPLE OF DOWNTOWN FOR ALL YOUR HELP.

^^I'm bitter. Don't judge me.

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