Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Erron and I just returned from an amazing trip down to Newport Beach, California. [CUT TO THE PICTURES IF YOU DON'T WANT TO READ THIS MONSTROSITY] Seriously like the best trip ever. Being married and traveling is so much more fun than being toted around with your four younger siblings. {No hate, love you Ma.} You can put on your big girl pants and do whatever the freak you want. LOVED IT.
Ever since before I can remember I have been visiting my Nana & Papa down in NB. My mom grew up there, got married there, and took us to visit at least once a year. It's like a second home. I love the smell of the coastal air, and the beautiful scenery. While there, we also ended up visiting San Diego, Santa Barbara, Solvang, & LA. In Mormon terms, that's THREE different temples! We gained like 3,000 lbs eating at like the best places EVER. {THANKS URBAN SPOON & NANA} And saw the coolest shiz around. {Annnnd blew our ENTIRE vacation budget.}  You rocked our world CA. 

Can we please not ignore the elephant in the room. OH HEY THERE>>>Yeah, it WAS my birthday! I'm now the ripe age of 21! My Dad is still in denial & when I talked to him on my B-Day he told me I was almost an adult. THANKS DAD. 
So since we Erron were driving allllllllllll Sunday long, from our excursion in CA, I kinda celebrated the big day on Saturday night. My Nana & Papa took us out to dinner at Ruby's Diner on Balboa pier & gave me an adorable little gift. I chose Ruby's Diner because 1) It's effing delicious, and 2) because my birth stone is a ruby & i'm pretty much obsessed with them. 
^^^Yes I can judge a place by the name fools!^^^
And then my grandparents left us lovebirds alone to have some F-U-N. I ended up going to a psychic, and getting my palm read. {<<<Newbie here.} FREAKING AMAZING. And then we rode the ferris wheel, ducked in and out of shops, and got FROZEN B-A-N-A-N-A-S! Well, Erron got a Balboa Bar, but you get the point. And I froze my little 20 year old butt off because I wasn't smart enough to wear warm clothes. {JK, nothing warm matched my outfit.}
THEN on Sunday when we left, *tear* we Erron drove home, and treated me like Princess Kate all day. {Who wants to be called the Queen of England??} {PS how awesome is it that P. Kate had her baby? WAY AWESOME.} He even took me to my favorite restaurant in St. George! {The Painted Pony} YUM! 

I love my life. 
Here are pictures, and props to you if you actually got through that entire mess to this point. Now let me get back to PLL.

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