Friday, June 13, 2014

Summer Job

As many of you know, I've been having difficulty finding a job lately. It seems that I had applied to a billion places, and only a handful of interviews. None of which progressed into anything further.

While I was in Mexico, I received an email from a company that I had interviewed with right before I took off. Anticipating that I would finally get the good news, I was very depressed to learn that "they had not chosen to move forward with my application at that time." I fell into a bit of depression for a day or so {yes, even in Mexico} because I was really looking forward to the opportunity to come home from vacation and throw myself into a job.

Gazing at the stars and the ocean from our patio, Erron and I talked {he talked, I bawled} for an hour or so that night. We came to the conclusion that maybe I was just applying for the wrong type of jobs. Which, in reality, I really was. Just because I was used to working in a professional setting didn't mean that I was necessarily the most qualified candidate. I got lucky with my previous jobs. Essentially, I went from lowly dry cleaning clerk to courier at a busy law firm, to an office administrator for a CPA firm! I am very glad that I had those jobs in my life, but I was definitely lucky to have been given such professional and high paying positions.

Today I got offered a job at Target. It's still growing on me, I feel like going back to just over $8 and hour is definitely going to take some adjusting to. But like I told Erron, $8 an hour is far better than $0 an hour. And it's true! I'm so happy to have something to fill my time this summer! Staying at home has been fine, but I really enjoy working.

So wish me luck, I start on the 24th of June!

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  1. I hope your job is going well! I am so glad to hear that things worked out, even though it wasn't in the way you were hoping it would. Applying for jobs is the worst, and at least you're done with that process!!