Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Civil Rights Today

I'm a white girl from Salt Lake City, UT. I did a stint in Southern CA from years 3-8 in my life, but I wouldn't say I come from a very urban area, at all. I realize my opinion isn't weighted too highly in the scope of things, especially when it comes to civil rights. 

Have we heard of Ferguson? Yes? Good. No? Yes you have, let me recap: black boy fatally shot by white cop in St. Louis, MO last August.

Ever since that case people have been going nuts all over America about white privilege and the safety of blacks. I think we all need to chill out. What bothers me the most is that these black folks living in St. Louis aren't allowed to feel outraged by the death of a young man living in their community. 

What also bothers me is that life isn't just or fair. At all. It kills me to think that we label people by their race, religion, or anything else.

In my History 1700 class the big theme for the class has been the topic of "you can't change human nature." It's such a sad thought--but I've come to the conclusion that human nature can evolve and become beautiful, but you can't change the way humans naturally are. And I don't believe we ever will be able to. I think there will always be hatred in the world. Somebody is always going to be angry at somebody for doing something. And that anger towards one person could turn into anger for a community. 

I know in my personal experience that I hate a boy that lives in Lehi, UT. And it doesn't make any sense but I absolutely cannot stand that city. It pained me to move 3 minutes away from there. And when I hear that anybody is from Lehi, the bad taste in my mouth that I hold for one individual is automatically transferred to this {probably awesome} person that I am hearing about. I feel stupid writing it, but it's true. And when I think about the people in Missouri and throughout America, outraged at the prejudice that happens there, I completely understand {on a different level} what they are dealing with. 

The painful truth is that we don't understand what other people are feeling. We don't understand what factors into their lives, that makes them feel pain towards certain people or situations. Take Ferguson for example--we have no idea what happened there. And we never will. We can get pieces of the story from the media, but lets be honest- we hear what they feed us so that we will buy what they are advertising. It's a simple business model. 

We all need to chill out, and try to see the other persons perspective. Even if it's a "stupid" opinion to us, the world will spin a whole lot smoother if we work as a team to fix the injustice in the government and in humanity.

Civil rights are still an issue nowadays because we are all humans. And civil rights are bigger than just minority groups. They are human rights. I would urge you to look around your family, community, nation, and even around the globe today. Try to see the suffering that is happening and do something about it! Smile at somebody you don't like. Get involved in a group to bring awareness to your cause. If there isn't already a group-start one! Be the bigger person, be a honest and upstanding citizen, and protect those around you from harm and sadness.

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