Sunday, April 12, 2015

Post-Spring Break

Why does it seem that I only blog when I have other {better} stuff I should be doing? Right now I'm trying to draft out a paper on sunspots for my astronomy class tomorrow, and I can't make it past the third page. 

This last week was fun, but a complete waste of my time. I would have appreciated spring break if it had happened sometime in March, but two weeks before finals is NOT the time to throw spring break into a students schedule. 

However, the time off was nice. I taught myself how to sew some new things, and my goal is rather than purchasing new clothes I am going to make an effort to refashion my old ones! (: I also spent a day nannying a cute family with two adorable children & one annoying puppy. We filled the day with make-believe, freeze dance, and Cheetos eating. 

For the most part, I have been happy these last few weeks/months since I wrote here last. There have been a lot of rough patches, but who doesn't have their own set of problems? (: 

Off to finish about sunspots, oh the joy of generals. I'll be glad when this class is over because I will be DONE with all my gen-ed courses! 

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