Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bored before connections

So i am currently just sitting outside of old main with nothing to do. I don't have any homework that i can do right now and i have like half an hour until my class starts. Soooo.... I am just going to say, that i LOVE USU! It is so great here and i have made so many new friends. Mostly with people on the floor of my apartment, but i've also met some very nice people in my classes. My roommate Kayla and i were having a disscussion about the "nice" boys that live next door, and we don't know what to think about them! They are like really nice, but every night a couple of the boys have a new girl on their arm that they cuddle with and stuff, so we don't quite know what to think. But i guess we'll see. Everyone on campus is so friendly and tries to make you feel involved. Today I got free ice cream, and nearly everyday there is free food all over campus. I LOVE IT. Well, class actually starts in like 7 minutes now, so i'd better go show up.

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