Friday, September 3, 2010

Thursday night

Hey guys hey! So tonight is a Thursday night.... well actually now it is technically Friday morning... But i had the most boring night 'in' since i got here. So i got home from classes at like 5:30 pm and i just studied, then i took a book to my friend who lives across the way. Then i showered. For like an hour. It felt so nice, and i was alone and it was peaceful. Then i decided that i was going to go to Bingo Night with my roommate at 9, so we showed up at like 8:30, AND IT WAS PACKED! The line went across the Taggart center and wrapped down the stairs and to the street, so we just flirted with some boys and walked home.
I MADE MY FIRST PANCAKE TONIGHT! It is a night to remember as i, Chelsey Laura Tufts, made my very own pancake. And let me tell you, it tasted so dannngg good! Well then at like 10 I decided to watch Phantom of the Opera, and Shaylee and i watched it on her computer. It was so much fun!
I need to learn to start being nicer to her, i am really such a brat! Tonight was definitely boring, but sorta fun at the same time.

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