Saturday, September 4, 2010

Home for Labour Day

I decided to come home from USU for the Labour Day holiday. And last night i went to a really fun high school football game, well the last quarter. Sam Tanner and i were going to be really funny and wear our Junior Class sweaters, and get in for free and just be a riot, but then Sam decided to pick up Jared and Gabi, and Jared hadn't eaten all day so we went to Cafe Rio instead, and then they decided that they didn't want to go to the game, so i had Sam drop me off at the game. Which was sad. So i went alone. But apparently it was a very good game, but they lost. I saw my ceramics king, Casey Lowe, and i was really fun to talk with him and his friends. I also saw Hailee Henson. I love that girl!
So after the game when i got home i talked with my mom for awhile. It was fun! And i got to have a sleepover with my little brother Ethan! Woohoo!
Now i get to go spend all my money buying college crap. EXPENSIVE!

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