Monday, September 6, 2010

Lazy Sunday 1

Hello! So umm technically it is like Monday morning, but i never blogged for my Sunday, which i totally thought i would have tons of down time. Well. Now you can see i actually didn't. I'm hoping in the future i can blog about every Sunday, and catch up on the week and the crap that went on, which i why i labled this "1" in the title.
I am so excited! I made another entry for my vlog! If you go to 'youtube' and type in 'pinkchellybeans' you should be able to see all my videos! I know they are sorta boring at this point but i promise they will get better!
So again, ANYWAYS, today was actually lots of fun. It was Sunday (DUH) so i got to attend my church! Omg, i love my ward here. I found out that my buddy Tyson Larsen is going to be serving a mission in Ft. Lauderdale (sp?) Florida! Soo exciting! And i got to have an interview for my temple recommend with my bishop and close friend Spencer Richards. It turned out to just be embarrassing for me though, because we were chatting and then all the sudden he said to me, "wait! I don't think i have your records!" So he checked, and it turned out that he didn't... So i STILL don't have a stupid temple recommend. Not that they're stupid, i'm just frustrated and really want to always have mine on me.
The family had ribs for dinner, mmmmm. My favourite! And then i got to go over to the Applegates with my mommy. They actually gave me a really super duper brilliant idea that i hadn't thought about before! They suggested that i ask my Papa if i could volunteer for him and Nana over in Jerusalem for the summer! And then get him to pay me a little cash for college, and it could be like scoops of fun! I am like all over this idea and i totally took them seriously! Why not!? I mean that would be so much fun! And i could earn money and travel! AND see my Nana and Papa! Woohoo! So pray for me that it will all work out well! Tomorrow: LOGAN!!

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