Tuesday, September 7, 2010


So today was a Tuesday, and it was BO-RING. My goodness, i really like my classes but i just get so anxiety that they will get so hard that i wont be able to handle them that i start to freak out and think about my failing in the middle of the teachers lesson. Which is not good because then when i read back on my notes i don't even understand what i wrote. (This mostly happens in statistics... BLEH) but today was awful because i kept on doing that!
Oh my goodness so i did the weirdest thing today. Like something i would have NEVER EVER SEVER KEVER done in my life, but i listened to a little advice from my uncle Daryn and yesterday i got my first letter back from my best friend Craig who is on a mission! (Eeep!) Anyways, it was a really cute letter and he's doing great, just a little homesick. (Aww, he would NEVER say that if he was anywhere else.) But my uncle told me that i should reply to him as fast as i could because it really is a comfort to the missionaries to get letters from their friends back home. So i thought about it and i figured, HEY since he leaves for Lansing today (Tuesday) then i will send him a letter straight away and then when he gets it he can feel comfort from home. Cute beans. So that was the highlight of yesterday and today. Kudos to my uncle and past missionary for helping me out. I'll buy him a gift one day. But not today.
Well i watched the summer finale of "Secret Life of the American Teenager." (I love that show!) It was really cute, and Amy and Ben totally broke off any chance of a relationship that they had, and i am so happy! And the ending was so cute when Amy held hands with Ricky and John at the dinner table. I really am happy that the season ended so well. CAN"T WAIT for December!
Well blah blah blah.

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