Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's Finals Week!!

So it's finals week, and naturally, i'm stressed. I have been having so much fun up here at Utah State University that finals just rushed up onto me! Luckily, for me, finals are just another series of chapter tests. None of my finals are comprehensive. Which saved my butt. Really though, i am so happy that i am in good classes, i should come out with some pretty swell grades, IF i can ace these last 3 tests... I WILL, I WILL.
My mum doesn't have much faith in me succeeding, which is very hard to deal with, it's not like it effects me directly, it just kinda hammers at my self-esteem. I'll do fine.
Lately i haven't been doing anything fun... I really like this one kid! His name is Ethan. (NOT my little brother! Hehe...) He really is a cute kid, despite what EVERYONE (and i do mean EVERYONE) tells me, always making me smile, it's fun to have him cheer me up when i am STRESSED FOR EFFING FINALS.
Right now i'm drinking some sugar free hot cocoa as you can see in the picture! Mmmm, AND i'm wearing my X-mas jammies. Loves! I need to go to bed, although lately i've been running on China-time (sleepy in the daytime, awake at night) I NEED TO FIX THIS BEFORE THURSDAY WHEN I HAVE ALL THREE FINALS.

Anyways, short life summary of where i've been. Lets chat later.

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