Friday, December 24, 2010

X-mas Break 2010 Part 1

Christmas Break is a time for so much fun. Children look foward to the winter vacation so that they can stay at home, sled, bake cookies, bug their siblings, get presents, and piss their parents off. Christmas break is fun. Yeah. I have had so much fun over the last week, and today, IS CHRISTMAS. Eve. And i AM SICK! I am sitting in my bed with a killer stomach, a major migraine, and achey body. It is not fun. I can hear my family watching  Christmas movies down in the living room and it makes me sad. ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS is to FEEL BETTER.
So here i am, Just dying and feeling like crap. But not even good ol' Saint Nick will spare me the Christmas bug. It is much too sad.
Anyways, my type just went all wonky, but i guess i am typing "center" now.... Oh well.
So this week i did many fun things one of which included a visit to my dentist Dr. Drake. (I call him Dr. Dre. It's funny... Laugh...) and my mouth is not looking too good after i got my braces off last June. Apparently my gums are like really really bad, and the bands from the braces kept me from brushing them properly, so they had to cut them down a bit, and then they told me i have to come in for a treatment. Plus i have a cavity on the side of my molar. Oops. But here is what my teeth looked like:
Yumm. Clean teeth! I love going to the dentist! (I actually really do, because normally they are super nice to you, this time a really brutal, but nice looking, lady hacked my gums apart, which killed, but it had to be done.
So this was part of my first week, i need to sleep, my head KILLS right now, but yes. Go Christmas! WOO!

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