Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Semester TWO

So it is now second semester here at USU and it is so great! ....Besides the weather! All week the weather was like epically amazesauce! It was like SPRING. But now it is all snowy and wintery again. Which is alright. My classes are going alright also, i'm taking:
Political Science
Math 2020
and Anthropology
It's not that they are hard, but the times are awful and the professors are BO-ring. Hopefully i will do better this semester though, since i have the whole college thing down better!
Socially it is GREAT too! My life in pictures:

ANNNDD i forget to tell you: For some odd reason my parents wont let me have my laptop up here. I think so that i wont use the internet as much, but i can just use it on my ipod touch, so it doesn't really make sense..... BUT anywho: THAT is the reason i don't update this blog like ever.

State of the Union of my life right now:

Broke up with Ethan Clark.
Holland moved out of Bullen 210, she will be missed by almost all!
I have about $100 left in my banking account... Woo.
Favourite movie ever is Easy A.
Best friend is still Marri Cooper, Casey Lowe, and Deanah Navarrah.
Party hard (maybe a little too hard) every weekend and study hard every week.

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