Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Missions GALORE

The time has come. Today is the day.
You are probably thinking "What the H are you talking about? It's only February 23...." No. False statement. Today IS the 23 of February and guess what happens today?? TWO of my best friends LEAVE FOR LDS MISSIONS. First there is Stephan Hanna, he has been my friend since sophomore year at WX, we dated for awhile and hated each other for awhile, and finally within the last 2 years we have become pretty good friends. Although he never lets me take pictures, so this is the only one i've got:
That was taken over Christmas Break... I think.. Anyways:
He leaves today for the MTC and then in about 2 months he will be in Togo & Benin (sp?) (near Cote d'Ivoire.)

Then i have my friend Seth Clark, he is leaving for the England MTC, and then in a few months he will be over to Scotland. SCOT. LAND. He and i have been really really really good friends since we went to a charter school in 9th grade. We were class officers together, and he has always helped me through rough times. Although all 4 of these boys have helped me, Seth has made me the most who i am today, i don't know where i would be right now if it weren't for his friendship. Oh and i used to have the biggest crush on him, but then i realized he is just the perfect best friend. (: (: (:

Then I have my friend Sam Tanner, he is in Mesa Arizona right now. And he left in November. He hasn't written me a single letter. He emails me faithfully pretty much every other week. I'm glad that he is busy thinking about God, but it is about time HE SENDS ME A REAL LETTER! I mean i've sent him like 3 letters, a Christmas Card, AND some fine chocolate. My word man!
This is from the night we went to my uncle Daryn's movie premiere. We were totally the 'best dressed' everyone thought we were going to prom. (Ps go watch it on NetFlix or find it somewhere, it's really cute! "My Girlfriends Boyfriend" 2010 version) SUCH a fun night. Best of all best nights.

And then there is my very very very best friend Craig Poulsen, he left on August 18 for Lansing Michigan. He is the best at writing me letters, i mean we wrote so much that he told me i need to slow down and only write about once a month, which is super duper hard because i usually write him back the day after i get his letter. But it's fine. I'm glad he is focused, he really is an amazing boy and such a good example. This is also one of the only pictures i have with him, it was taken the last day i saw him before he left, we both look terrible who cares!

So freaking cute, right?

And those are my dearest of dear missionaries. GONE. I will pray for them, and i miss them dearly. GOOD LUCK TO THEM ALL. So good, but SO sad.


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