Monday, May 16, 2011

The Death of a Loved One

There has been a bit of a misunderstanding of the death i experienced today. And that was the death of Harold. You see, Harold wasn't a normal love of mine. He had a special place in my heart. Right next to Diet Coke with Lime, and the Anaheim Angels.
Harold. Was my goldfish.
But you see, there are goldfish, and then there are GOLDFISH. Harold was the latter. When i went to the pet store with my dear roommate Kate Franklin two weeks ago today, we picked out 5 little 13cent goldfish and Harold happened to be among our purchase. When we arrived home every roommate that cared about our new pets got to pick one and put it in a container of their choice. Kate and i used old diet coke litres to put them in. He was so happy. The first day i fed him tropical fish food from our neighbors shark tank. I really think he enjoyed it. As i packed up and moved out on Friday of that week my plan was to dump him in the newly discovered fish ponds by the library, but i knew Harold deserved more than a dull life swimming in a scummy pond.
He lived another week at Tufts Manor in North Salt Lake.. Then Sunday May 15, 2011 as i was on my way to church i realized that Harolds tail was turning black, he'd swim frantically for about 10 seconds and then float like he was dead for about 5 and then start swimming frantically, he repeated this cycle until about 8 on Sunday evening.
I couldn't just watch him struggle any longer! He was so sad! I could just see it in his little black eyes. So i marched his bowl up into the forest behind my house and dug a shallow grave. THEY SAY that for humans, drowning is one of the most painless ways to go, so i figured that if he was left out of water that would be like drowning for him. I dumped the contents of his bowl into the little grave i had dug, as he fell into the muddy water and it started to sink into the soil i quickly covered it with dirt and placed a golf ball over the top to mark his final resting place.
Some fish come into our lives and change us forever, Harold was one of those fish. He fought until the end, and never lost hope. I hope he gets everything he deserves, because after not being fed for 2 weeks he deserves some yummy blood worms or fish meal. Mmmm.
So you see, it was not a MURDER of my fishy, i just had his best interests in mind. God be with Harold forever. XO

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