Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Oh yes, it's the B-List

Hello people. It has come to my attention that i have not posted my bucket list anywhere on the world wide web. And as i love to be a leader most of the time, sometimes i have to just go with the flow. And bucket lists are totally sweet sauce right now. So i wanted to share mine with all of you. Mostly i really want to inspire those who haven't written or thought about one to go and start one! They are so fun and *heaven forbid* if i come down with a nasty case of cancer tomorrow, i will totally know what i need to accomplish before i fall of the face of the planet. Without further ado, i give you

1. Stand on one of the tallest buildings in the world, and look down.
2. Enjoy 'afternoon tea' somewhere in England.
3. Have an inside joke with everybody i know.
4. Make 'glitter' a color.
5. Have my portrait painted abstractly.
6. Sleep under the stars at least once every year.
7. Write and publish a book.
8. Be an excellent cook.
9. Make healthy eating choices everyday.
10. Run a REAL marathon.
11. Kiss in the rain. (a real Notebook one!)
12. Attend the Oprah Winfrey show *THIS ONE IS PRETTY MUCH OUT SINCE IT'S OVER*
13. Get married in the Newport Beach temple to someone i love.
14. Work with others to help them achieve their goals.
15. Eat a whole block of cheese in one sitting.
16. Dance naked somewhere in the rain.
17. Blow the perfect bubble with bubble gum.
18. Learn how to snap my fingers.
19. Learn how to whistle. (Loud and soft)
20. Own a cat that i can take a nap with.
21. Knit a blanket and give it to someone i love.
22. Make friends with my little sister.
23. Make the perfect pancake. 
24. Go one whole day (in public) without ANY makeup whatsoever on my face. 
25. Raise a happy family.
26. Read at least 10 books for fun every year.
27. Become better at introductions.
28. Make sure everyone i love knows that i love them.
29. Skip through a field of flowers in a sundress.
30. Take lots of pictures.
31. Not use any technology for one whole day.
32. Never get sunburnt.
33. Plant a tree everyday on Earth Day.
34. Own a florist shop.
35. Tell one successful joke everyday.
36. Spend a whole night trapped in a grocery store.
37. Go to college.
38. Clean my room at least once a week.
39. Never turn down a dare.
40. Kiss a frog.
41. Introduce two people who fall in love.
42. Be in a movie.
43. Meet the president.
44. Serve a mission when i am old.
45. Learn and practice yoga.
46. Travel around the world.
47. Build a really good treehouse.
48. Read and own all the Nancy Drew Mystery books.
49. Milk a cow.
50. Be in the circus.
51. Dance for the National Ballet of Canada.
52. Start to keep a better journal.
53. Get my gallbladder removed.
54. Remain drug free my entire life.
55. Read my scriptures daily.
56. Bring clean drinking water to people in Africa.
57. Learn to speak fluent French.
58. Dye my hair red. 
59. Send a message in a bottle.
60. Have a paint fight.
61. Sleep on my roof.
62. Jump off a bridge.
63. Write a song and make a music video.
64. Have the perfect burp in public.
65. Stay up for an entire week.
66. Stay awake and watch the sun set, and the sun rise.
67. Scream at the very top of my lungs.
68. Steal a stopsign.
69. Have crazy sex with my husband.
70. Cause a huge food fight in public.
71. DJ a party.
72. Crowd surf.
73. Be on national TV.
74. Help solve a crime.
75. Do a backflip without a trampoline.
76. Go camping more often.
77. Order Chinese food in Chinese.
78. Try every new ice cream flavour i come across.
79. Play in a park fountain.
80. Invent a really cool water park.
81. Pierce my third nipple. And then remove it. 
82. Hold one of those huge snakes that wraps around you, and don't freak out.
83. Drive a Lamborghini.
84. Jump off a cliff in Greece right into the sea.
85. Always tell people the truth.
86. Catch a fish with my bare hands.
87. Participate in a police line-up.
88. Ride a mechanical bull.
89. Live out in the country.
90. Hug and kiss people everyday.
91. Go to the airport and buy a ticket for the next flight out.
92. Live in Santa Barbara literally on the beach.
93. Be a motivation.
94. Dress up as waldo and walk around town.
95. Mail a fruit.
96. Break a world record.
97. Go storm chasing.
98. Stay in an underwater hotel.
99. Become a licensed scuba diver.
100. Have a conversation with the Queen.
101. Learn to sail.
102. Have acupuncture done.
103. Go to a barn raising.
104. Never get embarrassed over anything.
105. Be on Americas Next Top Model.

So there you have it my people. The list. I hope you enjoyed reading it. (I actually just hope someone WILL read it.) Anyways love you all! XXOO


  1. i love them all chelsey! i miss you!

  2. Oh my sweet Chelsey Laura - how I love you....and your bucket list!