Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Best of Life!

On Wednesday afternoon i recieved some really really really happy news. And it made me really appreciate my life ALOT more! I think we really take our lives for granted. We spend our time worrying and festering over such MINIMAL things! I really didn't realize how good my life was until Wednesday when the positive really outweighed the negative. I am so blessed in my life and i never show much appreciation for it. I have so many things to be thankful for!

- A really loving family that doesn't judge me too harshly for my quirks.
- The best of all best friends that keep my emotional tank of gas running on full.
- Great health that makes waking up happy in the morning possible.
- Amazing music that feeds my soul.
- A job that gives me lots of hours (once i start)
- Mentally i am very stable... sometimes (;
- Money to buy necessities.
- Cute clothes to make me look fun.
- MEDICATIONS & other drugs to keep me sane and feeling energetic.
- Super yummy food to fill me when i get hungry.
- A very handsome boyfriend who always loves me for whoever i decide to be.
- A camera and pictures to help me capture and remember the best of my life.
- A best friend on a mission who sends me presents in the form of letters every week or so.
- Books to help me learn who i am.
- A church who's guidelines really steer me in the right direction. 
- Great looking legs that allow me to run for miles, and dance for days.

AND THE LIST GOES ON! There is so much in our lives that happens everyday, but we let the doubts and fears of our lives make our minds cloudy so that we cannot see the sun! Once you push back all those things that destroy the beautiful view that you have, you can finally see the sunshine and every other bright hopeful thing you were missing!

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