Friday, May 27, 2011


Tonight i was applying my Burts Bees lip balm to my very chapped up lips when i couldn't stop loving my lips!  Like yes, at the moment they happen to be very beaten up, but lips are SUCH a cool invention! Think about it! They are the bomb. With lips you can do so many things! You can smile, pout, make funny faces, make fishy faces, sip from a straw, make popping sounds, lick them (although be careful, this makes them CHAPPED!), girls can pull an entire outfit together by wearing a certain kind of lip gloss, and out of all important things that lips can do, YOU CAN KISS. 

C'mon, who doesn't enjoy kissing? Everybody has been kissed in some form or another, and they had to have LOVED it. Even if the kiss was just by their dog, or their daddy when they were a little girl. If you really think hard about kissing, you will realize that it is the WEIRDEST thing two people could do. Soooo don't think about it. Think about how happy it makes two people! All a kiss is, is someone touching their lips to another person. But it makes the person recieving the kiss SO happy. It can turn cloudy skies into sun. Crazy applesauce. 

I just recently realized how much i LOVE hearing other peoples first kiss stories, so i want to share my first kiss(es) stories with you who want to hear it! I was in the second grade. I had just moved to Utah from California and was such a naive little 8 year old. The more i think about it, i have NO clue what i was thinking back then, but who cares. I attended Bolton Elementary school and was in Mrs. Khamadoost's (sp?) class. So was Manny Griffiths. Manny was the single most amazing thing my tiny second grade eyes had ever seen. All i remember is wow. Manny was also my backdoor neighbor, so i knew him very well from church and playing around in the neighborhood. Well on one warm sunny day my fellow classmates and i boarded the bus to come home after school was over. I was sitting in the seat behind Manny, and oh boy was he just so appealing to me. After months of admiring from afar i finally just decided to go for it. I leaned up over the bus seat and gave him the biggest kiss my little mouth could handle. What happened next was not the cuteness you see on movies. Manny stood up TOTALLY embarrassed and shouted "CHELSEY THERE IS NO KISSING ALLOWED ON THE BUS!" I was taken aback as my bus driver Laura called me up to the front of the bus. She gave me a mini lecture about how i shouldn't be kissing other students and told me to go find a new seat. From that point my memory gets hazy and i don't know what happened. But it was totally worth all the effort to kiss the love of my second grade life. 

For a real first kiss story that does NOT take place at an elementary school there is Stephan Hanna. When i hear that name so many emotions come to mind. But mostly happiness. Stephan and i had been friends from the very first week of high school at Woods Cross. And as the months went by we grew closer and closer, around May of our sophomore year we were basically dating. We would text each other all day long, spend our lunch times together and hang out whenever we got the chance. As summer came along i knew my parents would not allow me to hang out alone with him all the time because i was only 15 and they had told me NO DATING UNTIL 16. But me being the sneaky rebel i was would hang out with my friend Jessica Wilson and invite Stephan. Oh poor Jess. Looking back she must have felt so awkward. I would snuggle and hold hands with Stephan whenever we were together. Well finally at the end of July I TURNED 16. And that very night i went out with Stephan. And oh boy did i expect a kiss from Stephan that night. BUT NOTHING HAPPENED. I didn't really care though, i knew it was coming. And i was right within the next week or so we were over at Jessicas house watching a movie. The whole movie we were cuddling and being all cute. Well we all went out to Jessica's car for her to drive us home and halfway out i realized my shoes were still in their movie room. I picked up my shoes and as i turned around Stephan was standing right behind me he held my hand and then gave me this really really huge hug. And then it came IT WAS THE MOMENT. As we touched lips i can honestly it was the weirdest almost most awful kiss i have ever had. Apparently his lips were all chapped up (really, it was his, i KNOW mine were smooth as a baby!) and it felt like i was kissing a piece of sand paper. Not like i reacted or anything, it was an amazing kiss still! I went home and since it was soo late my parents were angry with me but all i could do was grin like a fool. I was happy for days and weeks and months and even years as we dated on and off for a long time until he left on his mission this last February. Oh and his kissing wasn't bad forever, it was juuuuust that very first kiss that was sooo weird! 

So there you have it. My very long First Kiss stories. I love my lips. They are great and create new memories and emotions every time i kiss. XoX

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