Saturday, May 28, 2011

I Still Call Them Indians

So yesterday i had the delightful experience of going to my little brother Ethan's class. Now listen. I did not want to go. My mom basically forced me into going by using Ethan's puppy dog face to guilt me into it. The teacher didn't need anymore volunteers and i knew i would just be getting my mommy extra hours so that she could look good with the school board. BUT then i learned that they were going on an in-school field trip and the NAVAJO INDIANS were coming to speak with them. Woah. So i put on my feather earrings and tried to look all festive and took corn bread to his class.

When i arrived they were watching BROTHER BEAR! I love Brother Bear! And they were all wearing those cute little vests made out of brown bags ( you know exactly which ones.) And they were eating all these yummy foods like chili and my corn bread and pumpkin cookies, and squash sticks, and water bottles! Mmmm. So i took a seat by my brother and joined in the festivities. This really annoying boy kept following me around and talking to me, he named me "Running Fire." But i am changing it to "Dancing Fire" because it just sounds more fun.

Then after lunch and recess everybody went to the gym for the field trip. And oh boy was it soo cool. There was a Navajo lady that danced for us. But she didn't do normal dancing. SHE HOOP DANCED. Now i don't know if any of you have seen hoop dancing, but i can assure you that it is one of the neatest things you will ever see! She started her dance with no hoops and then one by one added one into the dance. And she did all sorts of things with them. It was insanity. By the end she was using 20 hoops. And then she made them into two balls and ended the dance. Amazing applesauce. And another lady did a dance with a blanket and it was called something like "the butterfly dance" but it wasn't as cool, for sure!

Then i helped the kids go around the the stations and they got to read books about Navajos and they got to make dream catchers and headbands. It was the coolest thing.

I am so glad i went to visit my brothers school, it was like being in elementary alllll over again! And now i am going to move to an Indian Reservation and learn how to hoop dance and build pottery.

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