Sunday, May 29, 2011

Here Comes the.... Sun??

OH boy Oh BOY OH BOY oh BOY OH boy.
Is it TOO MUCH to ask for just some Sunshine!? Right now i am looking outside and this is what it looks like.

Isn't that AWFUL! My high hopes for sunshine every single day are SHOT down when i open my sleepy eyes and look out my window. Why why why! And where where where is the sun! 

If you know me you know that i am a bright sunny relaxed beachy happy loving kinda gal. And i love anybody and anything that is any of those adverbs above. SO IT IS VERY HARD FOR ME TO DEALWITH POOPY WEATHER.

Sometimes i sit in my room and i daydream about the sun. I just wish it would come and play with me. Then i can do so many fun summer things! I can tan and barbecue and swim and mow the lawn for fun and go running outside every single day and i can eat otter pops and play tennis and swing on swings and have picnics and do so many other things! But no. There is no sunshine in my life. So i have to find other things to make me happy. Like playing board games with my family. Or going to Walmart with Marri. Or playing Words With Friends with tons of my friends on my ipod.
One day all of these pictures will be my life. One day when it is sunny. When there is no rainy pit-pattering on my roof. But for tonight i will just enjoy the peaceful ugly drizzle of the rain. Goodnight world. XOX.

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