Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Puh Puh Pineapple!

 I think that you can tell by all these pictures that I LOVE PINEAPPLE! Pineapple and i have had an ongoing love/hate relationship since i was an itty bitty child. 
In those days i LOVED pineapple. It was perfect and tangy and sweet and amazing applesauce! As i grew older any time i would eat pineapple it would BURN my mouth and make my stomach sick as a dog. I still really loved the taste, but i just was too painful to savour. 
And with that, i started to really really hate pineapple. REALLY. My family would eat it all the time, but i refrained in fear of being in pain. I remember one time my dad's client brought him back a pineapple from Hawaii and it cost him $40. I actually ate this pineapple and loved it. Probably because i was basically chewing money but nonetheless it was yummmmy. 
Well within the last 7 or 8 months pineapple has become probably my favourite fruit! Oh my goodness HAVE YOU HAD IT!? It is so yummy and sweet and tangy and awesome! Today i went to the store and they had samples of pineapple sitting up front and i took a toothpick and totally ate like 10 pieces. It was delicious. So sue me. And then later i bought this gum at the store and let me tell you: SO YUMMY! It is green apple AND pineapple! Mhmm. 
I hope you all have the chance to enjoy good pineapple this summer because it is the best fruit invented by God hands down. xOx.

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