Thursday, July 21, 2011


This month is JULY! And anybody who knows me knows that July is my favorite month! It is just absolutely perfect! There is the Fourth of July where we get to celebrate America's freedom and everyday is hot and fun and my birthday falls in this month! Amazing huh! How could someone NOT love July?

You must agree to the fact that one of the things that makes July so much fun is the fact that FIREWORKS go off EVERYWHERE! And oh my goodness living in Utah has it's benefits in July because we get the opportunity to light fireworks for the Fourth of July AND Pioneer Day (July 24)! Isn't that just special! I love it. And i just love freedom and summer and love and peace! Oh boy oh boy! 

I hope everybody takes a moment out of their busy party lives and sets aside a time everyday, in this month especially, to thank God for giving us a beautiful free country to live in and wonderful friends and family to share it with.

God bless America forever. 

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