Saturday, October 8, 2011

keep climbing

Tonight on my way home from work this song came onto my iPod. I have always really enjoyed this song, but tonight for some reason on the freeway between Centerville & Bountiful it hit me in a totally different way than it ever has. 

Miley, i freaking hate you. You are a terrible role model for children & you are a complete hoe. 

But tonight whatever it is with this song, hit me so hard. 

Damnit, Miley Hannah Montana Cyrus, you have made me cry. Congratulations.

I have needed some direction for the past month or so as to where my life is heading. And by golly miss molly! I am so blessed. While i was tearing up to this totally cheesy song about climbing a mountain, i realized what i think i am supposed to do with my life. At least with my career path. 
It had never occurred to me before. Never even crossed my mind. And tonight it was like i had burned it right onto my heart. 

I know that i have a purpose. I know that whatever choices i make now are PERFECT. Because they shape me. They mold me. For better or for worse doesn't matter, because they make me, me.

I feel so blessed right now to have a direction to head into. It's going to be very hard. But hey, if life wasn't hard we'd all just slip all over the place & make a huge mess! 

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  1. Chels-
    Did I ever tell you how much I love you? I'm not the biggest Miley fan but this song always gets me. You are gorgeous, talented, intelligent, and most of all amazabeans (amazing). Go get the world. They're ready for you.