Wednesday, October 19, 2011

latest obsession

I am obsessed.
A month ago it was my hair & i was taking pills to make it grow longer and conditioning it with hair product crap every second that i could. 

I've moved on.

Currently i can't get enough of Jelly Bellies.
Yes. Those jelly beans that you used to eat in elementary school. 
The ones that kids in your class would bring that had flavors like "booger" and "barf" & "rotten egg."

Well on the more pleasant side, 
i haven't eaten THOSE kinds since probably 4th grade.
But i can't stop snacking on these delicious beans.
I have a small little box of the sour ones, and i love them! I feel like such a pig. 

I'm pretty sure they go straight to my brain & fuel my happy nerves. 
I just can't get enough.

Someone get me this & i will love you for eternity.

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