Friday, October 21, 2011

The Proposal

Anybody that knows me fairly well would be the first to tell you that i'm not into the whole "marriage" thingy that girls usually are. 

I've never thought it's sounded great. And quite honestly i had myself convinced that i would never get married and just have a grand little ol' life to myself.

And who knows, maybe that's how it will all turn out & all my married friends will one day wish they had lived a life like mine.
Whatever. Doesn't matter. Beside the point. 

Lately however, i have found the whole idea charming and precious. I have no idea what made me start to think this way, but now i just think marriage is the cutest thing in this little world.

Tonight the most adorable thing ever happened at Lagoon.
I was minding my own business, just working the SkyCoaster flight line as a controller, when around 9:00 a lady pulled me aside and asked me if i could do her a favor. 
She pulled out a ring and asked me to say something special for her when her and her boyfriend reached the top of the tower and were about to pull the cord.
I agreed, and was grinning while the couple boarded the ride. 

We got them all hooked up, and sent them to the top.
As they hit the top i said with cheerfulness in my voice:
"Alright, Ryan, will you marry me??" 
and then i added.... "and fly!" a few seconds later.

From the top i heard cheering and they pulled the cord and soared through the freezing cold air.
As they came to the last few swings of their ride she yelled "HE SAID YES!!!!"

So freaking cute right? Like yes, the whole thing was a touch awkward, but in the end i just felt so pleased with myself knowing that i helped someone get engaged.

Oh and then as they were getting off the ride she exclaimed "Well great! Now we can go have sex in the Tilt A Whirl!!" 

All i could do was laugh. The entire situation was crazy & weird, but adorable nonetheless.

Congratulations to Jessica & Ryan!

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