Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Halloween was very fun this year! 
I mean... definitely not as eventful as last year, you know: kissing a famous person is rather hard to beat. But it was more wholesome this year. 

Loved it.

I spent the beginning of the evening relaxing on my steps waiting to give out candy to the kiddos. And it was swell. 

After that fun filled part, my friend Hailee & I decided to go visit Casey Lowe down in good old SLC. Well we finally found his dorm building, but he wasn't even there! 

It was sooo anti-climactic. 

So we wandered the campus a bit, saw Jane Campbell at her window, and finally decided to go creep on someone else.

Since Heather is married we figured she'd be at her home, living her boring married life. 
But as we circled her parking lot for probably half an hour, we realized even SHE was out.
 So we stalked down her car, wrote messages on her windows & left our evening at that.
I'm pretty sure we could be professional stalkers if we wanted to. 
We're really rather creepy.



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