Friday, November 4, 2011


I guess lately i have been having these weird attachment issues. And until today i didn't really realize how bizarre it was becoming.

Last night i went through the McDonald's drive thru to get a large diet coke. Well when i got to the window i took my diet coke, paid, and then proceeded to talk with the guy at the window about life for about 15 minutes. Nobody else came through the line so it was quite alright, but after it had been about 15 min, he decided to cut into my story about my insomnia and told me that i should probably leave before he got in trouble with his manager. 

Well i'm super observant and i noticed that HIS name tag read: "Manager."


Today i was calling to the Italian Embassy (AKA the Olive Garden) to see if i could reserve seating for my family before we got to a concert, and yet again, i found myself chatting away with the girl on the line about work & school & of course: boys.

Insane huh!
I am soo annoying, but hey at least i make people laugh, right? 

We'll see who's my next chatty victim is.

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