Thursday, January 12, 2012


Today i realized it was Thursday! 
{I know, congrats to me, right??}
And i thought back to last year. It was September or October. And i had a crush. His name is Micah Wilkes {pictured below}:
{Don't mind my face, but yeah, this is really one of the only pictures of us. One of the funniest nights i've ever had! If you want to know the story, ask me!!}
Well i didn't quite know how to ask him to come over. I mean, we'd already done anything we really could do as freshman living on campus without cars. And i felt like he was losing interest since i hardly came up with any of the ideas.
Well one night i really wanted to hang out with him, but i didn't know what to do since: it's Logan, it's cold, and there is NOTHING on campus.
This is when: BAM. Techno Thursday was born.
I even made a sign!!
You might ask: "Why Thursday? Techno Tuesday has much better alliteration!" 
YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND. IT WAS THURSDAY. I couldn't just wait until the next Tuesday to have a date with him!
So i called him up and said: "Yo Micah, wanna come over for Techno Thursday?" I got in response: "What the heck is that??"
Me: "Oh my gosh you haven't heard that i do Techno Thursday? It's where i play techno music all day and then have a dance party at night."
Hey. It did the trick. Micah loved it.
And from every week there on out i played techno music on Thursday. {For about three Thursdays and then my roommates hated me so i had to stop playing it all day long.}

So on Thursdays from here on out i am going to list a techno or trance song of the week. Because if you don't know me, you don't know that i LOVE techno and trance. Simple as that.
This weeks is:
Don't mind the 90's music video. Just wait until it gets into the song and you'll love it. It's one of my absolute favorites! Enjoy!

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