Wednesday, January 11, 2012

divine inspiration

Today when i got into my cold car after English i realized that i was craving a super hot bowl of cheesy mac n' cheese.
As i put my keys in the ignition, the radio came on. 
A song was just finishing on 97.1 and the announcer girl started to talk, and as i was about to change the channel she said:
"Have you heard about the mac n' cheese diet? I'll tell you about it in 10 minutes." 
While i didn't wait to hear about some crazy awesome diet that makes you lose weight and eat mac n' cheese at the SAME TIME; i did, however, take it as a sign from above that i was meant to eat some yummy grub when i got home. 
Thank you radio announcer from heaven for allowing me to treat myself to this:


  1. feel free to make me some anytime you want! Also! Where did you get your adorable background?! I LOVE it!

  2. I got it at "smitten blog designs" there is a little link right above my "about me." Then just look under 'free templates' they are all so cute! I just wish my blog could be everything cute all at once!