Wednesday, February 29, 2012

happy february 29th!

Happy Leap Day to everyone! 
I really don't know why I love this holiday {is it a holiday? Or did I just create it??} so much.... But it's pretty much the best holiday ever!
Just think about it, it's an extra 24 hours to the year! 
I have this crazy dream that one day I will have a child born on this day. Since clearly I wasn't born today, I have spent my whole life wishing I was. Then I could say I was only like technically 4 years old. How amazing would that be!? {Yes, I get excited easily.}
Sadly that is not me. I get to have a stellar birthday in July. 
BUT in the future, something great will happen on this day. I have no clue what that might be, but mark my words. It WILL be fabulous.

{PS} You want a grasshopper shake? It's tradition! Come over!

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