Thursday, March 1, 2012

ill & chill

To those who know me well:
You know about my sinus stuff.
To those who don't:
I have sinus stuff.

Pretty much it's the reason I couldn't SMELL {a single dang thing} for about 5 million years. {Or so it felt like.}

Well this week is one of many, crappy sinus congestion/infection weeks.
Today I went to school and in my personal finance class we had an exam. {100% baby!} Since right now it's just the right side of my face that is infected my nose was running all class long and tears were streaming out of my eye. Even though inside I was jumping for joy at how well the test was going!
Yeah it was so super pathetic.
After class, my devil told me: "Chels just go home. Get some sleep. You deserve it." But my angel said: "Chels are you a quitter? If you go home and miss your next two classes you WILL BE a quitter."
So I listened to my angel. And I took a nice walk through downtown, since the fresh air really helps.
Of course, in my document editing class my teacher kept looking at me all concerned and sad-like, because once again, the tears were flowing.
After that class I said: "Chels. GO HOME." But I'm NOT a quitter. I knew I could stick through one more class.
And I DID!
And guess what my miracle of the day was. 
Lagoon cancelled training today! "Due to inclement weather." Lagoon doesn't just cancel things. They are pretty much "go hard or go home." I've worked in 2 feet of snow (while it has been falling).
I seriously think it was a blessing from God, because I had attended all my classes. 

So now I'm in bed. 
Dozing in and out of sleep. 
I took too much medicine (because they don't do a darn thing!) so I'm a tad lOoo0oOpy.
But I have my puppy to keep me company: 


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