Friday, March 2, 2012


Today's been Friday.
{I really do love this song!}

And I have loved it so far! Since I have been sick I told myself that I deserved to wake up late. 
Once I got my bum out of bed, I was super productive and shoveled our driveway. {Like a first grader.}
I only had one class today, and enjoyed it. {For the most part.}
And I just got to Skype with Cameron T! 
He lived next door to me in Bullen Hall up at Utah State. He's a hilarious kid who is one of those funny friends you hope you always have.
Last week he made this video I just died with laughter watching it.
{You just had to be there...}

It's fun to see that other people {besides me, duh} love to lip sync also.
{I need to make a new one soon.}
So I'm sad that I'll probably like never see him in person again since he lives in sunny Texas. But last summer we started the tradition of having "Skype dates."
It's fun to catch up from time to time! I don't even know what we talk about. Just random shiz I suppose.
{Yep, I'm pretty good at sneaking pictures!} 

And to finish off my fabulous Friday I get to go on a super fun date with my darling boyfriend! Ooooo I'm so excited!!!!

Go enjoy your Friday night! Make sure you do something crazy!

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