Wednesday, February 22, 2012


So I'm kinda sorta not a Catholic,
{I'm not a Catholic at all.}
But every year, starting on Ash Wednesday I try to commit myself to giving up something for the Catholic tradition of Lent. 
I really love this allotted time of sacrifice. I really do love my Savior and I think it shows respect for him when people commit to giving up unnecessary things for a period of time.
I'd share what I have given up, but most of them are super personal & you would all be like "TMI Chels! TMI!" 

One year I deleted my facebook. (Back in the days when you REALLY had to DELETE it. Not just this deactivate crap.) And I made it through Easter!
{And then I created a new one like 3 weeks after Easter...}
And one year I committed to reading my scriptures every day.
{It went well for about a week and then I missed a day, and the rest is history...}

This year I really cannot decide what to give up! I have a few ideas bouncing around, and by the end of tonight I will have solidified my choice.
But seriously, even though most of you reading this are not Catholic, however, I do know that most of you are Christian. And personally I think you should consider doing this. Even if it's just a tiny habit or attitude that you have, it's a super fantastic way to break a bad habit AND get closer to Christ at the same time! 
Win-win! What's not to like!?

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