Thursday, February 23, 2012


*I would suggest not reading this if you get offended by others opinions.*

So I just read this article,
and I am completely infuriated. {To say the very least.}
Those of you who know me know that through experiences in my life I have developed a personal opinion that abstinence is most certainly the best lifestyle to have. 
I'm not pushing that view on anybody, it's a free country, we all have agency. I highly encourage it, but in the end, whatever. You have your actions, I have mine.

~Sorry, back to the bill~

This is the stupidest thing I have EVER come across on this topic.
You know, I can see how some people want to cut government spending to Planned Parenthood. I am opposed to it, but I can see where they are coming from. Some people have a very small education on what PP actually does, many think they just perform abortions. I don't believe in abortion, {COMPLETELY set against it, actually} but Planned Parenthood does a lot more than just performing abortion operations.
I can also see how some people don't want their kids learning about other contraception methods besides abstinence.My opinion: Teaching kids about using condoms, birth control, etc, should be required! Sex is a huge issue for our generation and will continue to grow. If you don't want your kids learning about other options then ENFORCE ABSTINENCE in the home. But yes, while I don't agree with the "not teaching other contraceptive methods" viewpoint, I can see where people are coming from.

But to cut out the education altogether? 
What are they thinking!?

Here's my opinion:
{Clearly this whole post is my opinion, I know.}
In the world and society we live in today, we cannot afford to take sex education out of the public schools. 
It is basic information that NEEDS to be taught. 
For the most part, yes, parents in Utah have good intentions when it comes to teaching their children about sex. But even if children are being taught in the home about this subject, they STILL need to learn the information from another source. 
And this is a best case scenario. 
I know that this is Utah, and sometimes it feels like 99.9999% of the population is Mormon, and just cruising through life, but we still have poverty levels. 
There are children growing up without responsive parents, and they need to be taught this subject.
This is the exact thing private schools are made for. If you don't want your child learning about sex in any setting outside of your home, put them into a private school that doesn't teach these principles.

But parents, guess what! Children WILL learn about sex. Unfortunately it is NOT taboo in modern society, in all actuality, it's glorified. And if children don't get the proper facts, pregnancy rates will rise, STD rates will rise, and believe it or not, abortion rates will rise. 

To end on an "up" note, I am VERY happy that this bill encourages the teaching of other "not certain" contraceptive methods. Even the best of kids mess up, and they need to know that if they decide to make the poor choice of having sex before marriage, they MUST use a form of contraception.
I have made a commitment to myself to not have {any form} of sex before marriage, but anybody who really knows me will tell you that, yep! I carry condoms with me. {Surprise! You'd never guess, huh!} Since I started carrying them with me I haven't had to use one, and because of my commitment to myself, I will never have to. But I know friends who don't realize the importance of using them and I frequently am given them away to those who need them.
It's a lot easier to fix a mistake, if desired, later on when you don't have anything to physically tie you to it. 

And that was my lovely rant.
I apologize if you didn't want to know all of that.
But you didn't have to read it.
I really am happy today. It's a WONDERFUL day!
Enjoy it!

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