Tuesday, March 20, 2012

chili (that's what I'm eating right now)

First and foremost, HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SPRING!
I took this real picture in a real bed of flowers today:
Which reminds me, I like this song:
Don't diss. It's cute.

Alright. Random train stops here.
You know how if you take someones shift they will forever, and ever, and always, ask you to take their next one, and next one, and the one after that, and the one next week, and the one in two weeks, and the one at the end of August, and the one at the beginning of August, and the one that time they feel sick {which is all the time}, and the one tomorrow night because they've got a hot date that THEY CAN'T REARRANGE FOR ANOTHER TIME? 
THIS is why I never pick up other peoples shifts when they ask me. But today I broke that rule of mine. 
And you'd think, since I had to leave class early and drive home and get my uniform and drive all the way up to Lagoon and all the way back to school when I was finished, that I would be blessed with an easy training.
Think again. Always expect the worst.
AND LOG FLUME SUCKED. It was a serious FML. That ride has issues. This is the second time I've trained on it that it hasn't turned on for me{or stayed on for that matter} and I've had to call electricians out to fix it. 
Luckily I only had 3 employees to train and they were all fairly bright, and didn't judge me for being an idiot and not knowing which key goes where and how to clear the faults. The whole time I was just stressing I wouldn't make it to my Book of Mormon class on time.
But I got it done, and left just in time to arrive at the school on time.
BUT then I took the wrong freeway exit. And instead of heading towards SLC, I found myself heading towards the airport... I promptly corrected my mistake and was on my way! UNTIL I took ANOTHER wrong exit. And then started heading NORTH. Yeah, towards my house. But I took some ghetto truck stop exit and weaved my way to Beck Street, and arrived at the school with PLENTY of time to spare.
And this was where, for the first time today, I had a genuine smile put onto my face. I found out that my adorable boyfriend got 100% on his Calculus test! And I'm no genius, but I looked over that thing and daaaaaaang it was HARD! Yeah, I'm dating a smartie-pants. {Which I already knew, I'm just so proud!} Be jealous.
And trust me, he's no nerd. It just so happens that he's absolutely perfect. 

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