Friday, March 16, 2012

peek a boo!

Yes. I'm still here. I've been on a blogging spree the last little bit where I blogged like every day, well this week I haven't been too good at it! 
Well I've been busy at the Lagoon, just training employees. I've trained people on Puff, Speedway, & Log Flume so far. 
Yesterday was training on Log Flume, and boy oh boy did it suck. So I got there a half an hour early & I wanted to make sure the ride would start. I turned on the compressor, and I then attempted to turn on the pumps & computer & lift & such, well IT DIDN'T TURN ON. So you know what I did? I called my coordinator, Cesar, but ALL the coordinators and managers were in a MEETING!  By this time employees are showing up at the ride, and it's five minutes past when I was supposed to start training. So I start freaking out. 
Long story short, about an hour later the ride was up and running with like 6 electricians and maintenance guys all huddled around. It was stressful but in the end turned out just dandy!

And last night I went with my Dad & Erron to the Republican caucus. I was all excited because the last time I went (my senior year, for extra credit in my civics class) I couldn't vote. But guess what! Since I am unaffiliated, I couldn't vote anyways. It was a bummer. I may as well have just gone to the Democratic one, since they are nice and let anybody vote. 
Oh well. I'm not committing to a party, because I really am not one party or the other. I am definitely a moderate and may always be one. My dad was making fun of me, but whatever, he can't say much since he was undeclared for a long time! 

And that is where I have been.
 Oh and I watched this funny video:  
HA! These people make me laugh so hard!
Have a killing weekend people!

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